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Expérience 4

08.25 | 5:00 pm_11:00 pm Montréal time
Live: 7:10 pm_8:10 pm Montréal time

Hellgrammite have been working on music for over five years, developing their unique sound using both digital and analog hardware such as synthesizers, samplers and circuit-bent electronics. Hellgrammite's adventurous practice merges found-audio with experimental soundscapes. They then melt the result into productions that are stranger, eerier versions of dance and electronic music, with darker techno moments and playful breakbeat. Sonically, we’re in limbo between eras and genres, constantly excited about what’s happening, unsure where the journey will lead us next but trusting anyway. Heavy fast-paced beats, granular textures, nostalgic hard synth pads, and unruly melodies will keep your head and body locked in. Hellgrammite is operating Montréal techno and hardcore label Telaesthesia Tapes, on which they released their latest EP hellgbtq at the end of 2022.

With IPO (Initial Public Offering), Hellgrammite investigates the discarded archives and precarious traces that analog technologies left, as the world abruptly shifted to digital. What in this recent yet dated technological ruin can be salvaged, repurposed, re-contextualized? These contemporary sound fossils will be integrated into their techno, giving it a nostalgic feel.


Hellgrammite is a queer electronic music producer and mixed-media artist based in Tiohtià:ke (Montréal).




hellgbtq (Telaesthesia, 2022)