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Quan & D.B.Y<sup>VN/QC+CA/QC</sup>
Nocturne 3

08.25 | 10:00 pm_3:05 am Montréal time
Live: 2:05 am_3:05 am Montréal time

© Salima Bouaraour

Quan’s expertise designing and operating modular synthesizers delivers a musical palette that jumps between uplifting experimental soundscapes, minimal techno, and deep house. A prominent figure in the development of Vietnam’s experimental electronic music scene, the spontaneous revisions to his live, improvised performances provide an endlessly varied alternative to traditional loop-structured song formats.
In 2013, he connected with the DomDom collective, Vietnam’s first interdisciplinary center devoted to experimental music, which catapulted him to music festivals and performances nationwide. He began a residency at Hanoi’s Savage Club in 2016, one of Asia’s foundational hubs for international underground techno, and became the first Vietnamese artist showcased on a frenetic Boiler Room live set. Quan’s 2019 debut on Indigenous Electronic showcases five radiant cuts of hypnotic, slowly mutating techno, emitting the glowing warmth of an artist hitting their stride. After meeting D.B.Y. in 2019, Quan joined the Montréal-based label and collective Chez.Kito.Kat Records. He has since created his modular company Quanalog Instruments and has performed in numerous festivals and venues in Montréal and abroad.

Samuel Ricciuti
, aka D.B.Y. (Dog Bless You), is a New Canadian artist of French-Italian origin, queer and active in the LGBTQ+ community. He has been producing music since the late 1990s, starting as a beatmaker and DJ for hip-hop bands, before discovering electronic music in 1995 in clubs such as Rex and free parties. Initially focused on downtempo and breakbeat genres, his productions later drew inspiration from Detroit's UK electro bass and European minimal techno scenes.
Ricciuti has released several albums under the moniker Dog Bless You (and later as D.B.Y.), his most recent release, La Science du langage, paying tribute to his breakbeat roots. Additionally, he is the manager and founder of the Chez.Kito.Kat Records label. Ricciuti has also worked on music for documentaries, dance and contemporary art projects. In 2009, he collaborated with artist Daniel Buren on the soundtrack for one of Buren’s works at the Musée d'Art Moderne in Luxembourg. After more than 25 years on the European and Canadian electronic music scenes, Ricciuti is still active as DJ and producer, performing internationally.

Artists Quan and D.B.Y. share a long history of playing live electronic music on analog machines, such as drum machines and modular synthesizers. Since meeting four years ago, they have combined their expertise to create a joint live performance project based largely on improvisation.

For MUTEK 2023, the duo composed of artists Quan and D.B.Y. will deliver an entirely live performance, without the use of a DAW. They will employ synthesizers, drum machines, and custom modules created exclusively for this occasion by Quanalog Instruments. As they adapt to the energy on the dance floor, gradually increasing the tempo from 130 to 145 BPM, the duo will introduce their fresh new sound characterized by improvisation and exploration.


DJs and producers of electronic music, artists Quan and D.B.Y. combine modular synthesizers and improvisation in electrifying, startling performances.


Chez.Kito.Kat Records, Indigenous Electronic


Quan :

Thixotropy EP (Indigenous Electronic, 2019)

D.B.Y :

La Science du langage (Chez.Kito.Kat Records, 2019)


Founded in 2006 by Samuel Ricciuti, Chez.Kito.Kat Records has produced 89 albums and over 200 performances over the past 20 years in Europe and North America.