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S. ChioiniCA/QC

S. Chioini<sup>CA/QC</sup>
S. ChioiniCA/QC
Expérience 6

08.27 | 5:00 pm_11:00 pm Montréal time

© Ilyaa Ghafouri

Over the past decade, S. Chioini has created a hybrid approach to new music aesthetics and genre-fusing electronic sounds. His excursions in abstract composition, spanning long-form electroacoustic pieces and sharp technoïd productions, often tied with club elements, are rooted in a sincere and humble approach to music.
Currently pursuing doctoral studies in composition and sound art at the Université de Montréal, Choini’s research-creation project reflects on various practices of the ecology of sound by highlighting creative processes that foster a posture of care towards our environments.
His past compositions were released on Where To Now? (London, 2016) and Anòmia (Barcelona, 2022), and were prized by the SOCAN Foundation and the Canadian Electroacoustic Community.
In addition to his interest in music theory and ecology, Chioini remains active as an electronic music producer and performer. 2019 marked the debut of his S. Chioini alias, followed by a few singles and the self-released Amour détritus. He has performed for intimate venues throughout Montréal and New York, and has participated in festivals such as MUTEK, Sight & Sound, Akousma, and L’Espace du son (Belgium).

After several years of exploration, this inaugural live performance under the alias S. Chioini represents significant musical growth and maturation. At the heart of the performance is enthralling, danceable club music that embodies the composer's wide-ranging influences. Techno and breaks intertwine in dynamic contrast, extending from 20th-century orchestral music to contemporary electronic avant-garde. These diverse aesthetic and technical influences converge in a unique style that is all his own. The industrial impact of percussion and dreamy ethereal tracks pervade the artist’s compositions.


PhD candidate at the Université de Montréal in composition and sound art, S. Chioini is also an electronic music producer and performer.


Climat avenir (2021)

Amour d​é​tritus (2020)


S. Chioini’s latest album, Climat Avenir, is an imagined world void of any human presence, or succeeding it. It is a prismatic composition: a vibrant landscape, a topographic map, an exploded geode.