Montréal Québec Canada
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08.25 | 2:30 pm_4:30 pm Montréal time
Live: 2:30 pm_3:15 pm Montréal time

Ura is the primary alias of Canadian electronic music producer Zac MacArthur. Based in Montréal since 2011, MacArthur originally moved to the city in order to study Studio Arts at Concordia University. At the time, he was immersed in the city's underground music scene, playing in several local indie bands, attending illegal afterhours parties, and eventually creating his solo electronic project Ura. Under this moniker, MacArthur released music on local label Collect-Call, putting out a tape titled Dog Park in 2016, followed by the double LP Entertainment in 2019. In 2020, he released Blue on the Montréal-based label Naff recordings. Most recently, MacArthur moved to Los Angeles-based label Motion Ward to produce an LP titled Baby With a Halo. Ura's previous releases have situated him within the experimental/electronic/ambient scene, however his productions do not strictly adhere to style or genre. Ura's idiosyncratic sound moves fluidly between obsessively curated influences to create unique yet familiar compositions with a strong sense of musicality.

Ura will be presenting a new electronic work composed and performed live specifically for MUTEK. Through the use of programs such as Max MSP and Ableton, Ura assembles broken sounds and ideas into something intentional and beautiful, interpreting these sounds through his idiosyncratic approach to sound design and melody.


Ura is the solo electronic music project of Montréal-based producer Zac MacArthur.


collect-call, NAFF, Motion Ward


Baby With A Halo (Motion Ward, 2022)

Blue (NAFF, 2020)


As for each of its releases, label Motion Ward accompanies Ura’s most recent LP, Baby With A Halo, with a short liner note that captures its essence: “new life from the faint ash of reminiscence”.