Montréal Québec Canada
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Nocturne 2

08.24 | 10:00 pm_3:00 am Montréal time
Live A/V: 12:40 am_1:20 am Montréal time

Conceptual yet deeply visceral space, x/o's universe feels like a potent space to hold their experiments with non-binary ideas, dualities and the non-linear, cyclical quality of emotions. Being an electronic music producer as well as a performer, a filmmaker and a visual artist, Vietnamese-Canadian Veron Xio, has many tools to give their x/o experience a multifaceted, homogenic feel, creating an audiovisual storytelling that is truly unique and engulfing. Xio uses hyper-feminine/masculine tropes and butterfly evolution allegories to disrupt the status quo and seek self-actualization through catharsis. Their unsettling, atmospheric ambient tones verge on nightmarescape, as darker elements reminiscent of nu-metal sensibilities and harsher textures and beats seep in. Five years after Cocoon Egg, their first EP, came out on experimental UK label Quantum Natives, x/o released Chaos Butterfly last year, on the Berlin-based label Precious Metals. Spending their time between their native Vancouver and Berlin, Xio presented work internationally, in places such as Palais de Tokyo in Paris, Berghain in Berlin and at the Listen Festival in Brussels. They have performed on supporting lineups for artists such as Chino Amobi, Elysia Crampton, and Jlin.

Fusing breakbeats, with elements of solemn ambience, distorted metal, and trip-hop, Vietnamese-Canadian electronic music producer x/o's Chaos Butterfly follows an anti-hero navigating trauma through whirlwinds of grief and anger; a vengeful spirit who finds true strength in inner healing and forgiveness. It's an allegory for transcending societal concepts of gender and a cathartic journey towards self-acceptance.


x/o is the project of Veron Xio, a Vietnamese-Canadian electronic music producer, performer, filmmaker and visual artist.


Precious Metals, Quantum Natives


x/o has released a string of singles, remixes, and collaborations, working with various artists including Tiberius B, Rui Ho and Team Rockit from the Yung Lean affiliated label, YEAR0001.