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Page VideCA/QC

Page Vide<sup>CA/QC</sup>
Page VideCA/QC
Nocturne 5

08.27 | 10:00 pm_4:00 am Montréal time
Live: 11:05 pm_12:05 am Montréal time

© Thomas Boucher et Jean Cousin

Joni Void is the musical persona of Jean Néant, a shapeshifter also involved in Montréal’s local scene as Everyday Ago. Self-described as “cinéma-tek / cameratronica” music, a musical genre Néant initiated back in France in his early teens as johnny_ripper, their music is deeply connected to the idea of montage, and touches upon a wide array of sonic genres spanning from musique concrète to minimalism, ambient and glitch music. Their music is permeated with a sense of raw intimacy, self-reflection, and constant wonder about sound's possibilities. Joni Void released three albums on Montréal imprint Constellation Records, the latest of which, Everyday Is The Song, a contemplative, kaleidoscopic sound voyage, came out in 2023.

Montréal-based harpist Sarah Pagé's journey is a sinuous road encountering different genres with projects such as The Barr Brothers, Lhasa De Sela and Land Of Kush. Since then, Pagé embarked on her own journey researching the harp's extensive range, perfecting her technique and developing new, exciting ways to perform. Released in 2019, Dose Curves presents the sum of her labor and exploration: aerial, fleeting melodies weaved in intricate compositions that feel both soft and cavernous. In 2023's Voda, Pagé complexifies her arrangements with new instruments like koto, electronics, water bowls and waterphone.

Page Vide is the collaborative project of Montréal-based experimental artists Sarah Pagé and Joni Void. Pagé’s versatile harp practice meets the cinematic, sample based narratives of Void in atmospheric and emotive soundscapes.


Page Vide is a collaborative project by experimental artists Sarah Pagé and Joni Void, based in Montréal.


Backward Music, Constellation Records, Everyday Ago


Code Versus (Backward Music, 2021)

Everyday Is The Song (Constellation Records, 2023)

Retrospective (Everyday Ago, 2021)

Voda (Backward Music, 2023)


Pagé and Void are currently working on Page Vide’s first album, titled Musique Douce pour la Fin du Monde.