Montréal Québec Canada
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Expérience 5

08.26 | 5:00 pm_12:00 pm Montréal time
Live: 8:00 pm_9:00 pm Montréal time

ROSINA was born out of the world's misery to evoke joy and kindness, with unabashed sensuality and trickster energy. ROSINA is about releasing our spirits into the universe and connecting to the divine. ROSINA are lovers of oceans, rivers, forests, natural landscapes, and technology; honoring the living and non-living, human and non-human ancestors, and yet born out of the city.
ROSINA is where the two meet and grow and push past the concrete and coldness, bringing dark light and underground energy to every corner they go. This is a collaboration between wicked electronic music producer Murr, drag performer and multi-disciplinary artist Franny Galore-Wngz, and emerging producer, vocalist, shit disturber, and poet ROSINA.
is the first project by these wildflowers. The music feels like a blend of techno, house, hip-hop, and global rhythms inspired by Toronto’s diversity. The live show is similar to one of their outdoor parties, with ROSINA and Galore-Wngz going off, in front of their home and warehouse arts space, Unit 2.
They like to play outside, with the full or new moon, but their favorite time to play is during the sunset and sunrise… This is a project in search of joy, regardless of the shit thrown at them. They survive in Queer and strange collective consciousness and want to make shit, ride roller coasters, scuba dive, meet new people, and support where they can, never taking themselves too seriously but loving with all their being… Welcome to ROSINA and the Sunset Crew…

This show by ROSINA is a celebration, where part drag and performance art meets dance music hype show. It's sensuous, fun, ridiculous, tricksterish, punk and addresses important issues their communities face!


ROSINA is a collaborative project that brings together electronic music producer Murr, drag performer and multi-disciplinary artist Franny Galore-Wngz, and producer, vocalist, and poet Rosina.


E-Techno Records


Basic Income (E-Techno Records, 2030)


ROSINA’s recent album Basic Income is conceived as a journey through the political and the sensuous with a punk attitude.